At Sweet Nothings snacks we decided to develop some fabulous flapjacks, Made much healthier by removing the bad types of sugar. So...

it’s goodbye to all those nasty added-sugars!


Our flapjacks are better for you because:

We use 100% natural ingredients. The sweetness comes only from apples, and our other ingredients include gluten-free rolled oats, coconut, oils, spices and nuts (fruit + nut only). Nutritious and tasty, you’ll keep that energy flowing, safe in the knowledge that you’re free from the perils of processed sugars.


Satisfied for longer!

As a health conscious consumer you’ll no doubt live an active life and eat lots of good food. For you our flapjacks are perfect, with slow-release calories meaning your body converts our flapjacks to energy and make you feel satisfied for longer.


What else are our flapjacks free from?

They’re gluten-free, dairy-free, artificial flavour-free and preservative free, but not free of charge as we need to make a living!


4 great new flavours (all with long shelf-life):

  • Apple and Vine fruit flapjack bites
  • Award-winning lime and coconut
  • Fruit and nut flapjack bites
  • Ginger and lemon fruity flapjack bites

Here's a sneaky peak to keep you going...

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